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Well here it is. After contemplating this site for about 10 years, I finally thought what the fuck, just do it, maybe I can take some of my anger out without having to physically harm someone. So here it is another another totally useless website with a biased opinion from the wanker of an owner (me). I can say that shite about myself because I am secure enough in myself to take life as it comes.

So what is this site about well fuck knows really I guess I will meander my way through it post when I want to and not post when I am too lazy to. I can say what I want coz I really don’t give a fuck if any body reads it. I may even make it a part diary for my daughter to read when I die and she is old enough to read it.

So it’s really a going to be a nothing site about anything that I want to talk about. Sometimes it will be about whats going on currently and then sometimes about nothing but a rant.

There will be an australian view on things because I am australian though I am not a patriotic australian, well maybe that isn’t quite right, I love australia but I hate our politicians our government and the way we make super humans out of our sports/actors. They can never do wrong even if they do wrong it’s always someone else’s fault. But more on that later.

I truly beleive in freedom of speech but in australia we don’t have that right so that’s why this site is hosted in the US. I also beleive that everyone should be allowed to carry arms and again we don’t have that right in australia.

I beleive that the majority of australians are idiots and beleive everything that the papers and government tell us. I think our last prime minister John Howard was the biggest liar this country has ever seen in politics, though I will admit he put us in a great place financially. I also think our new prime minister is a spineless twat who won’t actually do anything good for our country while he is in office. I think the only 3 politicians that have balls any more are Nick Xenophon who I think is looking out for the people, malcolm Turnball who I think could run the country and make the rich richer which gives the poor a job and Julia Gillard who I think will be our first woman prime minister.

I hate politicians so luckily the Australian Electoral Commission in all its wisdom has taken me off the books and I no longer have to vote. Which is a story for another post all together.

Anyways thats enough about me for the moment. I have no idea what or when my next post will be. But I am sure it won’t be too long coming.

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  • XstarvedX

    Ya know after reading your absolutley pointless post and given the fact that it is on an absolutely pointless website, you could allways just curl up and die when things get too hard, but ya cant even do that in Australia… Would’nt really want to anyhow.
    You mentioned 3 poli’s I agree with you on 2 of them, however the 3rd is only a maybe. Nick Xenophon would do greater things if he were in a better seat tho.

    Since this is your rant tho I am not going to gove you too much to think about… except when things get tough, then thats a good time to think of ya kids and the future that they have to look forward to growing up in..


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